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 Yin and yang-oriented designs have a strong hold on the competition... And you know what? I don't want that to change anytime soon.


There is good reason for the incumbency of the opposing yet balanced forces, in the Howlet Design Comp. Anything with 'presence' has experienced birth, and within 'life,' there is an equally consistent inevitability - death. The interdependence of all life means we have a myriad of design options. Although sharing a fundamental concept, each has specific nuances that make it special.


For this design, there is a uniquely significant tip of the hat to the Aussie base, as it showcases one of the most iconic Australian animals that is now extinct: the Thylacine (a.k.a the Tasmanian Tiger).

This design executes the basics well. It nails the balance of two opposites while evoking sentimentality with the nostalgic Aussie icon.


The grim reality is that the representation of life and death here has a strange ending to the cycle, as the loop didn't continue. They have become extinct, which is devastating. I don't know if that amplifies the concept or diminishes it... Either way, it would be something I would be very proud to have hugging my knuckles while I trot the globe. A much-needed conduit to home, but equally a stark reminder of the cycle's fragility.


During last year’s competition, the hype of ‘shank detail’ pulsed. Every design had a strong focus on building out the structure and sculptural components into all areas of the signet. This year, far less so. However, that feels by design. It’s a purposeful, “na lets leave it clean…”. Which I love. 


When you have an important highly detailed signet face, the best framing is clean sides. Both 1936 and Fatal Ascent have done this perfectly. 

I would usually be in the tough position of needing to make a final call on the winning design for the year… However, by a timely stroke of clarity - we decided to hand the final decision over to our customers, to vote with their orders during August. In among the two other finalists. The winning design to be released into the 2024 Howlet Collection, to be sold for the entire year. 


Then in September, we run it back, with another three finalists from the Top 10. Keep yourself close…

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