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Ace Of Spades | May 17th

Ace Of Spades | May 17th

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The 'Ace Up The Sleeve', May edition...

The heavy lifting, Ace of Spades.

Wild Card Release on May 17th, as a new 'One Day Exclusive Release'.

The Ace Of Spades ⇀ One Day Release; MAY 17th..

24 Hour Release of the May Wild Card...
The Ace Of Spades Signet Ring & Pendant.


Depending on the rabbit hole you want to scurry down on any which day, you'll be able to agitate some dark or powerful theories of the Ace Of Spades...

Each bearing a significant weight to the value its assigned. By which I mean, it doesn't water down its potency regardless of which direction it heaves towards...

If its a dark representation; its death and destruction. If its light; it will project power, good luck and triumph. I imagine that even if it took a 'middle of the road' stance on a topic, then you better believe it would sit on that fence with absolute authority.

Anyway, for us, we weigh in on the artistic and design relevance, more specifically, the Howlet x Nick Potts rendition.

Are we concerned about tussling the wrong wig? Na, not exactly. This approach is actually consistent with how we look to design all of our pieces. Let's peddle back to the Mission Statement;

"To provide the best blank canvas for experiences to be built on; by giving our jewellery purpose and the ability to have legacy."

We know what we do well. Our role ends after the piece has gone through production.

Then, its over to you.

For me, an ode to Motorhead. For you, it may be the symbol of a person joke from your '06 Contiki tour through Bulgaria. Either way, its a motif that holds importance. That's it's "ability to have legacy".

And believe you me, we'll nail the production quality of the piece. "Best possible canvas, for experience to be built on...".



The artwork by NP is once again unbeatable. Most depictions of the Ace of Spades take on a floral or paisley design with the spade. The checked floor and clouds within the spade is an insane, unique touch. The hatched pattern behind the spade is also a super clean addition.

Release in 925 Sterling Silver & 9ct Yellow Gold.
Both the signet ring & pendant.


What does this mean? Good god, I'll tell ya'...

We've wanted some residue from this year's monthly exclusive collaboration to remain and fly the flag as we go into next year. However, the Monthly Exclusives need to hold true to concept and be sold for that month only. So we figured, let's release the Four Ace's collection next year and in the meantime, to pump hype-tires, we thought a One Day Release would raise the pulses.

So, we'll be releasing the Ace of Spades on May 15th, for ONE DAY. A 24 Hour hit out - but then next year, we'll be releasing the full four aces range.

We'll of course keep some exclusivity to this year's design and have limited release engravings, numbered pieces 1/.... with the authenticity certs.

This is so you can lord if over the class of 2024 who purchase next year. Know what I mean? Course you do...

So for the love Bluetooth (a viking pirate, that bluetooth was actually named after; cool fact huh) - stay close. This one, is a blatant heater.

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