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The Re-Brand Clip

The Re-Brand Clip

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The Campaign Launch. 

Let us lighten the load. Remove some baggage.
Let's just go with, "Howlet". That'll do.
Running at odds with every marketing book or branding blog written since day dot. We've made a late-in-the-game
substitution and culled it down from Crooked Howlet Designs to simply Howlet.
It should have been done a long time ago. Dragged my tootsies way too long on this one.

Listened to one too many people roll their verbal ankle on the full 'Crooked Howlet Designs' name, so here we are. Not exactly a 'new era', but a fresh coat of paint.
Now, to kick things off, we put together one of the funnest campaign clips we've ever done.
Knuckles Dressed To The Nines.
Enjoy. Wait for the final scene...

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