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Legacy Pendant Release

Legacy Pendant Release

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Ryan P.S

Where to start…

This collection has been in the works for over 12 months, on and off the backburner. The conceptual handbrake in this case has been trying to settle on the perfect execution.

It's a collection of pendant-versions of all the Design Comp releases from the last three years. Honestly, there’s a couple of these that look almost better than the signets. They turned out so well, its ridiculous.

We’ve never considered ourselves to have a strong pendant presence, however after this release I truly believe that you’ll be hard pressed to find a stronger collection in the jewellery market. I can say this humbly because we were lucky enough to be collaborating with the Design Comp artists for this drop and I am speaking from an objective perch.

The collection deserved a big ol’ red carpet to be rolled out, and the standard playbook didn’t seem to tickle the groin enough. So we hacky sacked some wild ideas around and landed on this…

The Traveling Road Show, but, in a food truck.

Allow me to flesh this out for you…

We thought it would be sick to pull up in stray back alleys and sell the pendants out of a food truck. With all the rigmarole. Have an old school cash register dishing out numbered tickets. You’ll receive your order through the window in retro takeaway food paper bags, the whole kitten caboodle. Some absolute pig-of-man on the deep fryer (which will likely be me). The trailer with all the vintage branding is going to look insane. Nick Potts has already been putting together all the signage and it lands perfectly.

We are aiming for October and this will be in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. Then from here, we’ll try to hit the smaller cities maybe in November if we get enough bite on these first few.

ANYWAY, how does this tie into the Design Comp launch in August?

Firstly we understood that a huge percentage of our audience won’t be in these cities, so obviously we needed to list them online at some point.

However, just sneaking these online through a bog standard ‘drop’ also didn’t feel right. The idea was tossed in the mix to have it as the curtain raiser for the 2023 Design Comp releases. That made sweet, sweet sense. So here we are.

The curtain raiser, 24 hours only. Then we’ll see you on the road.


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