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What Are The One Day Exclusives?

What Are The One Day Exclusives?

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We release a design to be sold for one day only.

It's a 24hr hit-out and the design will never be sold again after that day.


It has become a true staple of Howlet.

It started with a short period of a one month release, or a limited run of pieces. However, we wanted to intensify the exclusivity of the designs, therefore the natural progression led us here, One Day Only.

The exclusivity of these designs is to build a further intrinsic value into your piece - beyond the surface aesthetic. The idea of your particular ring design being cranked out and sold for years to come, dilutes the significance of that little piece of metal perched on your knuckles.

What's the good worth of an heirloom if the piece is in constant rotation in the market? Something with legacy needs to have a generational purpose or experience associated to it. And that can't be so, if the ring design is produced year in year out with no specific relevance. The intrinsic value of that design isn't allowed to age. 

Think about it this way... Think about the dilution of money, as more is printed. Make sense?

There's still something to be said about the stories that you build into the ring yourself, however we want this to be shared by the select, dedicated few.

We also love the idea of worlds aligning and you bumping into a stray person on a night out that managed to slot into that 24 hour purchase opportunity, somewhere else on the planet and they also share the same heirloom. At least for us, that's something kind of special.

We want to allow the piece to age, or build legacy alongside a purposeful release through shared experience. That shared experience can be between partners, friends or the broader Howlet community. The experience is on you to write. We just want to provide the best possible canvas and context to be able to do so...

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