Made With Purpose. Allowed To Age.

Eduardo Jaque

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Relief Pitcher (Jeweller)
Age: 30
Reach: 94”
Stone of Choice: Cubic Zirconia 

Strongest areas of Michael’s game; efficiency and production land speed. Weaker spots; his allergy to wheat.  
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Stevan King

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Senior Jeweller
Age: Old. 
Reach: 64"
Stone of Choice: Rolling


In a long lustrous career, or what we'd call "faffing about", Stevan roamed aimlessly among high end jewellery houses before he rightly found his home at the CHD studios. 

Many years ago, Steven was younger than he is today. 

Strongest areas of Stevan's game; stone setting, the use of a variety of arsenal and different tricks & techniques that pre-date religion. 

Weaker spots; A weak top score on buck hunter. 

If you have one our Cushion Ring's, Swallow Cushion or Monthly Oval Signet's - chances are, Stevan would have been the master behind its flare. Enjoy. 


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Head Jeweller/Head of Production 
Age: 39
Reach: 71”
Stone of Choice: Labradorite

The head honcho on the bench at the CHD Studio. Handles the entire daily production process, including the management of the order workflow among the production team. 

Strongest areas of Steve’s game; stone setting, production oversight and the final touches.
Weaker spots; the gravitational pull (and potential sexual attraction) only his fingers feel to the bench grinder, which has his hindered daily performance due to the removal of the top 35 layers of flesh several times.


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Jewellery Apprentice/Bench Hand
Age: 16
Reach: 52”
Stone of Choice: Ruby

The second-hand man at the CHD Studio. Handles de-spruing, sizing and preliminary emery and preliminary tripoli polish. 

Strongest areas of Ryan’s game; soldering. Weaker spots; age and height (both reflective of his birth year).

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Jewellers Assistant 
Age: 33
Reach: 63”
Stone of Choice: Pearl

Third down the line in the CHD Studio. Handles blackening, sizing and preliminary inner emery. 

Strongest areas of Sophie’s game; Steve’s game. Weaker spots; when Steve is off his game.

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