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Some of your may have noticed over the past few months, the gradual meander towards the cleaner naming of 'CHD'... Let me explain. 

I always consider 'Crooked' and 'Designs' to be padding. Filling out a name and symbol that needed some juice. 'Howlet' for me, was the focal point...

However, I did like the tempo of the three piece feed, 'Crooked Howlet Designs' - however, verbal tribulations rebranded CHD right from the start... For some bizarre reason, most people would roll their ankle on the opening word 'Crooked'. Also, the adoption of the initials "CHD" wasn't overly buoyant. So it became a botched pronunciation 'crooked'.

Listening people fumble around with "Crocked" or "Crook't Rings', I realised that firstly we probably haven't done a good enough job to guide the chitchat around the phrase. But mainly, we should stop putting a linguistic hand-break into the brand name and just cut it down to the solid, reliable, 'Howlet'. 

However, as every new important movement does - this really opened up an opportunity to further build the community around the legacy name of Crooked Howlet Designs - for those that know, know. 


(Some house keeping)... Now it'll be;
Website will be;

On Facebook:


For those of you who don't know the origin story - and when I say 'those who don't know', I mean, likely everyone - I'll spin a super quick yarn on this... 

My dad and I were parked up in a watering hole called The Crooked Billet in the UK, when the brand name for a yet to be created jewellery company arose. It was a pub in Clapton.
As we were wanting to tie in a stronger image than a limbing squatter, we subbed in the Shakespearean word for owl, which is 'howlet'. As in MacBeth;

"A lizards leg and howlets wing..." 

That birthed the name of CHD. Then 35mins later, someone already pronounced it wrong. Now here we are.  


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