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We’ve often harped on about the importance of our role as jewellers and specifically, ‘where our role ends’. 


If you read these posts, then you’re going to be slapping the keypad like an ape whilst I quote our mission statement again… But it’s contextually important here. 


“To provide the best blank canvas for experiences to be built on; by giving our jewellery purpose and the ability to have legacy.”


This is our role. And, I feel we do better than any other. 


The beacon of this statement is ‘the ability to have legacy’... More on that in a sec. 

Nothing grinds my cumin more than hearing brands, usually big brands, selling and positioning a design as an ‘heirloom piece’. 


This drizzling, weak attempt to by-pass the tenure that a ring needs to go through before gaining any sort of significance - ignores the core component of intrinsic value and legacy, which is the accumulation of experiences. This can not be built into a design. Especially by some tinpot marketing gambit.  


We make jewellery that has a moment in time, which you can peg an age and date to. It’s made fucking well. The design concepts are built around limited exclusive releases, or launched with a specific purpose and most importantly, each piece is logged in our Ring Library (an archive of every ring we have ever produced). 


These components create a canvas for experiences to be built on. After our job is done and the piece is weighed, dated and shipped… It’s over to you. It can meet an early demise, lost under a pokie machine, sold for a kebab, stolen by an ex… Or it can have 3 generations of legacy. But either way, it has the ability to have legacy. 

Here is clip two of a series. We are going to showcase many of those experiences over the next year. 

This is the 'FADS'. You know... 

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