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What is, The Ring Library?

What is, The Ring Library?

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This bison leather ring bible, is a record of every piece we have ever produced. 

Know that your ring has a record of; What design was produced, When it was produced, for Who and What city it was then shipped off too. 

I have always scuffled with the idea of imbuing the feeling of a ring with 'legacy', that will hopefully become a family heirloom. It's hard to get that concept across with just the design of a piece, as its more in the mentality of the wearer. A Bundy Ginger Beer lid could become an heirloom, passed through the generations - admittedly, this would be a piss poor inheritance - but the idea of legacy is still there. 

With The Ring Library, this gives some defined age and significance to the piece. Who knows where any of us will be in years to come, but know that for as long as Crooked Howlet Design's is kicking, this archive will be in the HQ.
We have a long time before the age of this log holds any sort of true significance, but we've got some things to dabble in, in the meantime. So crack a tin, spin a yarn, breed and we'll be here when you want to come by with your spawn and see the history of your ring.

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