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Fatal Ascent

Fatal Ascent

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This design truly highlights the importance of focusing on those 1% variances…

Had this comp not progressed so aggressively in the last 3 years, the design submission might have remained at the basic level. The concept alone and primary design features carry this piece most of the way. 

However for us - as we see so many designs - it is the subtle intricacies that made this one pop. Those 1%er’s. If you look closely at the background ‘broken tube’ texture, almost resembling bamboo - you’ll appreciate this beautiful little touch, rather than opting for the simple straight lined rays, which we have often run with. The softer patterns of the clouds would makes for an amazing contrast from the rigid lines and gold inlay.

There is such an intensity to the central features that the clean sides actually play to support the design. Naturally, bare shanks would feel like an unfinished design - not with Fatal Ascent. You’ve got plenty to naw on with the centre detail. 

Icarus is just such a strong and familiar narrative that has an application throughout life, so it will likely have a very strong following based on this mythology. I’m not sure what macro forces were present in the first half of the year that encourage a broad swath of mythological submissions, but we’re thanking whichever god was responsible for making themselves known. These designs are unreal. 

I would usually be in the tough position of needing to make a final call on the winning design for the year… However, by a timely stroke of clarity - we decided to hand the final decision over to our customers, to vote with their orders during August. In among the two other finalists. The winning design to be released into the 2024 Howlet Collection, to be sold for the entire year. 

Then in September, we run it back, with another three finalists from the Top 10. Keep yourself close…

Fatal Ascent

Fatal Ascent


2023 DESIGN COMPETITION WINNER FATAL ASCENT, By William Symington Design Specifications The three August finalists from the 2023 Designs Comp; Ravens, Fatal Ascent & 1936.  From here, the winning design will join the 2024 Howlet Collection. Keep reading about this… read more

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