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There’s several expressions that come close to what I am looking for…


‘Reversion to the mean’, is the mathematical expression that suits. However, that’s far too dry and calculated for what we need here. 


There’s also a common theme of ‘returning to a core place of origin’ that plays throughout history. But again, misses the mark in this instance.


What I am looking to express is the designers full rotation that leads them back to original design styles. 

Obviously, there would be an innate factor at play here - a long leash that doesn’t allow a departure too far from the original approaches to design. 


Anyway, enough of the philosophical meandering. I don’t need a cute way to say it. All I am really getting at is, that we’ve once again found ourselves in the same creative sandpit that which we first started. 


The ‘functioning signet rings’. Rings that print a design into sealing wax. Technically known as intaglio engraved designs. 

The first purpose of signet rings was to imprint a persons ‘signature’ (of sort) into a wax seal. Usually on formal documents and the design was generally the person's family crest or shield. Hence the name; signet ring


Design aesthetics became a more important feature for signet rings, which led to the design being produced with a more visually appealing and easier to appreciate the specific design itself. 


However, there is something special about the intaglio approach and not being able to clearly make-out what the feature is... 


I love the idea that it's only something shared by those who know. Often only the wearer. 


I guess this is the basis for true ‘intrinsic value’. A very core tenant of our brand. 

So we find ourselves here again, at the functioning signet ring level. With a design that was hard to nail… until we decided to negatively engrave the tiger into the signet. 


In a season of very heavily sculptural designs, it felt right to return to the origins of both signet rings and where we as a brand first started. 


The tiger motif is such a powerful one that we felt the most prominent feature was the intrinsic concept of having this theme on a ring - not the optics. 


You may only print this into wax once during it’s tenure. Maybe never. However, I love the idea that the signet needs to firstly entice interest before it's known what the ring is actually about. 


It fuels you with a tale, some education that you can flex on the curious. Or… Keep your cards close to your chest and wear it because of what the Tiger means to you. 

So let us introduce, the Zenith Stripe Signet.

​​In astronomy, the zenith is the point in the sky directly above an observer. It represents the highest point that a celestial body reaches in the sky relative to the observer, symbolising peak position, the utmost level, or a high point in the heavens.

More broadly, "zenith" is used to describe the highest point or state of anything, considered to be at its most powerful, successful, or effective moment. It conveys a sense of culmination, pinnacle, or supreme achievement.


Zenith Stripe

Zenith Stripe


Design Specifications  The tiger design inspired, functioning signet ring. Intaglio engraving that prints into sealing wax. Read about the concept behind... Solid 925 Sterling Silver Face Size; 16.56 x 12.40mm Avg Weight; 12.10g Category; Signet Ring  … read more

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