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OCT13 | Friday the 13th Release...

OCT13 | Friday the 13th Release...

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THE 13th, The Biggest Launch, Blessed By Two This Year… 

Friday the 13th, October Edition. 

Again, in among the deck, the second joker.

Signet Ring & Pendant will be released...


Where are we at on the graph? What role does this launch play in the grand scheme of ODE’s? 

Well, we’re at a bit of a crossroad. One in which two markers meet, but going in opposite directions. 


This sounds way too ambiguous doesn’t it? I hear you… So let me unpack it.

It’s a long winding sentence, so you may need to navigate it a few times. I rewired it a bunch of times, and it does make sense. I think…


With every ODE (One Day Exclusive) that passes, the intrinsic value that is imbued by the specific date and purpose of that release is compounded and there becomes less of a focus on the design aesthetic.


Now, let me clarify one thing here, ‘from whose perspective is there less of a focus on design?’. As this can very reasonably be interpreted as us finding a way to soft-land a shitty design. 

That's not the angle I am coming from, as I actually believe there is less of a focus from: your end. 


We still have just as much, if not more of an aggressively staunch drive to perfect all areas of the design details.


But let me explain why I believe there to be a focal point shift. It’s quite an anecdotal start to the argument, however allow me to flesh it out further into the logic. 


Every launch that goes by, we have been finding more and more customers reaching out to reserve pieces or to pre-pay for the launch. Notably, without knowing or seeing what the design is. 


Obviously, this is a feeling that we’ve always looked to infuse into our brand and the pieces themselves. Specially, the sense that the intrinsic value and purpose of the jewellery, outweighs design aesthetic and allows for the piece to have legacy. 


It’s not a noble or righteous pursuit… I am not feeding you some Gary Vee bollocks. I’m not trying to change lives maaaaan. In all honesty, it’s because it’s how I believe Howlet lasts 100+ years. 


I am making the strategic bet that jewellery will be able to hold value through the accumulation of experiences the same way in which it has for hundreds of years - into ‘legacy’ or heirloom pieces. From this hypothesis, I then mapped out the best way to build this lasting value. 


I believe that the focus should be on; what allows the piece to have the ability to establish significance. 


So everything we do, including these ODE’s, looks to reaffirm this core asset. 

Alright, I need to gurney the cheese off my finger tips after that ramble. But, it was relevant to drill home this final point.  


So how does this fictitious, dark fantasy based Friday the 13th release enact anything I am rambling on about here?


Well, it gives you something to hedge your pieces' legacy too. 24 Hours Only, on October the 13th. After this date, it’s allowed to age. 


Establishing a moment, within the ‘Howlet Calendar’. 


“Oh yeh, I remember that launch… I nearly didn’t make it home from work in time to place my order… I got one for me and my brother… It’s the only ring I own…” 


Then after everything else washes away, that memory will last. 


We have always made mention of this one component of ODE’s that really makes us pulse. We love the fact that two people, living completely different lives, on other sides of the planet, were present on a certain date to order their piece that was released for one day only. They can then bump into each other, on a night out somewhere, and know that they share this one unique thing in common and they share it with only a select few. I think that's pretty cool.   

You know the style. Similar to January's design. 

However, the Joker is in a new position. 

The engravings are different. 

The side detail is different. 

The date is unique. 

As always, your piece will be numbered; 1/….

Sold for 24 Hours Only, then never again.


Due to the limited hours in which we drop these collections, we highly recommend signing up for the SMS Alerts. We will ONLY message you for alerts on these launches. Exclusive, One Day Releases, will be the only time you receive an SMS from us. We won't break that trust. Guaranteed.

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