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Serket Signet

Serket Signet

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This is the second piece to be born of the same birth… The Guardian carries the same concept.

There is surely a line to draw between the focal point and the design concept - you'll stretch out that conduit to open that flow. But firstly, let me explain the design concept of why we chose this particular style.

It’s a hard thing for a designer when trying to visually capture a concept that is a contextual experience and not easily translated through artwork or in this case, a piece of jewellery.

I’m not sure if just explaining the concept is an easy way out, but I feel it necessary for everyone to appreciate the familiar motifs that may look like weak designing.


The origin stories for pieces of jewellery are a fickle mess of inconspicuous happenings...

I've always found this to be true and I'm doubting that I'm a sample size of one.

Think back to questioning where someone has acquired a ring that you've noticed all of a sudden hugging their mitts.

The answer is rarely delivered with lucidity.

Whether it's a mishmash of memories that were rendered flawed through 'party' consumption or simply just an unceremonious arrival or departure from the previous host. As in, its slipped off and nestled in, unpronounced on a new home.

Either which scenario, both resulting in the 'fuck, i can't actually remember ay...' when questioned on where they obtained that ring.

Equally, there is a similar bewilderment when becoming aware of a treasured ring that you've now lost. Not knowing when or how, it's just begun a new existence elsewhere.

So here brews a new concept, not far removed from Your Pa's designs... A piece that is design to be lost and rediscovered.

It's life will start with you, but it'll likely end up in a piss trough at some point. Or flung into the middle of a dance floor. Which will be ok. It'll find its way home. Trust me.

We've designed this ring to resemble a ring of this style. It needed to be significantly notable; 'Oh yeh, that scorpion ring you had'. It wasn't going to be overly complex or extravagant, but a bold symbol. Why? Because it needs to be easily adopted by the next wearer... The scorpion crosses all cultural lines and has consistent relevance through the ages.

The hallmarks secure its bearing on you, here and now.

Now, let me introduce,

Sekret Signet.

The symbol of protection.

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