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The Ferryman Of The Styx

The Ferryman Of The Styx

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We’ve always been conscious of not forcing an intention for the wearer of our pieces. We understand that often, the purpose of wearing jewellery is a personal one. Often not needing profound rhyme or reason, simply completing the ‘look’.


Meaning is often derived through the accumulation of experiences in the piece. It can start as accessory, bought on a whim - but after it’s been through the wringer, the significance builds. Marked with signs of wear and the yarns come with the times you’ve had.


But every now and then, a design comes about that carries more weight than the standard knuckle hugger. 

The concept has been brewed from centuries prior. Our role, is not to imbue any further emotion towards the ring - but to highlight the mythology around the River Styx and our interpretation into the design. 


The River Styx was considered the boundary between the living and the underworld. Represents the boundary between different states of existence or consciousness. The hero Achilles was dipped into the River Styx by his mother Thetis, making him nearly invincible except for his heel.


Quite an ominous theme to attach a design to, however our interpretation of the ring design was to create a focal point around the Ferryman of the Styx - Charon - who safely ferries souls across the river. 

Herein, this ring represents guidance and protection through life's uncertain paths. It signifies the presence of a guiding force, helping you navigate through challenges and transitions with confidence.

We've designed this piece with an ancient coin style in a curved signet with a high polished framing rim to for the added contrast.

Oxidised solid 925 Sterling Silver.

The Ferryman Of The Styx

The Ferryman Of The Styx


Design Specifications "... it stands as a beacon of guidance and resilience, embodying the strength needed to navigate life's uncertainties." READ MORE You'll be a vessel for this ring to sit on in the meantime, but it's built for the generations… read more

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