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The Howlet x AW Throw Pre-Release

The Howlet x AW Throw Pre-Release

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AW x Howlet

"More on that later..."

You all get blasted way too often with 'teasers', 'coming soon' or 'stay close', don't you..?

In our defense, it’s not by design. We are not looking to max out tension before sling-shotting you all into a launch...

We just always just get way too over our ski's with excitement and end up announcing things the second we conceptualise it. Childish froth, that's all it is.

Conscious of this irritation, we're announcing and launching a pre-release in the same breath.

So, here it is...

Later this year, we're linking up with another local Aussie company (we'll keep that side of things close to our chest) - on a bit of a tweaked collaboration to launch an exclusive short run of these throws with the Howlet designers.

At the start of the month we received samples in, which were using this month's ring designs by Nick Potts. And yep, good god, they crushed it!

My childish froth rearer again and I knew we needed to do a little pre-release for our audience.

For those of you who are late to the roller disco, you'll now notice that this month is the second launch of the 'Four Aces' release, with maybe the most juicy, most notable - and most likely our biggest Ace launch; The Ace Of Spades on May 17th!

Timing could not have slotted in any more perfect than this.

SO to flare up the May Exclusives, the Queen Of Hearts (all month) and the One Day Release of the Ace Of Spades on May 17th... We have a Pre-Release of the two May design blanket throws!

The pre-release price is silly. Silly-good. Which was something we wrangled for the crew. Pre-release will be AUD$110, then the official collaboration launch later this year will be; AUD$320.

And let’s be honest, it is half due to the wait time. Timing worked for us in the month of May to align with the ring designs. However the stock will arrive in July, so this is when they will ship.

So as long as you're planning on living that long, get amongst it! VERY limited numbers available. I'm getting one, so that's even one less.

The Ace Of Spades Throw (Pre-Release)

The Ace Of Spades Throw (Pre-Release)


Along with the ACE OF SPADES Ring Design One Day Release, we have a second batch of the pre-release collaboration with AW, of the blanket throws. Design Specifications 100% cotton using a jacquard style weaving, made in India. (160cm x 145cm)… read more

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The Queen Of Hearts Throw (Pre-Release)

The Queen Of Hearts Throw (Pre-Release)


To hype the ACE OF SPADES Ring Design One Day Release on May 17th, as well as this month's May Design 'Queen Of Hearts', we have a pre-release collaboration with AW, of the blanket throws. PRE-RELEASE* These will ship in July. VERY limited… read more

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