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"Half Life", The Peoples Choice...

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...IS BACK, January 20th!


The infamous ODE (One Day Exclusive) Release. Sold for 24 Hours Only. Then never again...



 (Watch the podcast below where we announce the winner)

This years comp brought about a bevy of new segments and approaches. That being said, it's only the second year in, so cut us some slack. 

The year was so hot that there were calls for more designs to see the light of day. 

So we brewed the 'Runner Up' release and also, this 'Peoples Choice' design.


We ducked and weaved our way through some Russian voter fraud, in the early stages of the vote, with one design that hadn't had much froth throughout the comp taking a big early lead. Quite suspect. But the Design Gods took control and Half Life edged out the win. 

Half Life right from the beginning, had a cult following. My family were getting death threats after passing this one over - so announcing this as the Peoples Choice winner, was a blatant relief. 


Let's pick this thing apart...

'Half Life'

By Dion De Kruiff


As I mentioned in the Podcast, its the contrast between the clean lines, the high lustre with the rough anatomical skull, which really appeals to me. 

It gives an appropriate nod to the style of jewellery that CHD has calibrated itself to, whilst giving it that accessibility of a traditional signet.  

Congrats Dion! Absolutely nailed it. 


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BEHIND THE BRAND; Friday the 13th

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So, this SHOULD have been Design Comp Launch morning (September 1st)... But as we've decided to push it back until Oct 1st (see here) - we thought we'd release a little clip for you all today.

We would have been launching the ODE of Two Worlds, as well as the winning design, The Protector. So give you a little glimpse into those ODE mornings; here’s a clip taking a look at the Friday the 13th release day.

Park up and give it a watch on your next poo poo break. Let those legs get pins and needles. Enjoy.

Shot by the master; @matthewalexanderhill


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The 2021 Design Comp Winner

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"The Winner of the Second Annual CHD Design Comp, was Justin D'Souza, with his design; The Protector.




"The simple message behind this ring is that we can often find ourselves in tough circumstances, but we shouldn't be afraid of asking for help, as sometimes help can even be found from extremely unlikely sources.

This is my first attempt at ring design and something about snakes on a ring just made sense to me, but wanted to represent it in a unique way."

- Justin.

And, that's a wrap... Well now at least, we are tagged in to bring this amazing design to life. 

It genuinely is one of the hardest decisions to make, both on an emotional attachment to the designers themselves, but primarily just as they all have such a legitimate design AND let's be honest - commercial appeal. I say it often, but I would genuinely so proud to have any of the top 10 in among the ranks at CHD. 


This being said, the decision for The Protector to take out first place, I'm backing as the right call, 100%. You'll need to pass us a bit trust through designer insight to be able to foresee how insane this piece will be, once we've done our part in bringing it into Sterling Silver reality.  

Let me point out some less obvious features that nudged this design through. 



My eyes scope in on these types of textures and patterns immediately. 

You need to remember how small these details will be on the finger and that is the true aesthetic appeal. Fine patterns, once oxidised and polished back, which allows the texture to be further highlighted, gives the design visual depth. Let me put it this way; once someone notices the design, which draws them in for a closer gander - they then begin to notice these finer patterns that help lift the entire piece. 

Perfect example is of Conor's Prosperity design last year, which the scales of the fish had the same impact. 



Not very obvious at first glance, but take another peep at the how the rim of the face has a beautiful inside bevelled edge, which sinks the main feature on the face in a more unique and subtle way. Its a nice soft design element, that shows great attention to minor details. Love it.



On the inside of the shank (ring band), Justin has added a fading engraving of the snake scales. It'll be best to engrave these (opposed to sculptural), which is a master little contrast. Again, the hidden detail just gives further depth to the piece. 


Something that is often not given as much thought - as people will hope the design does all the heavy lifting. Justin has designed a really interesting take on the signet shape in particular. It has quite an 'aggressive' concave styling in the sides of the band just before the signet face. This will create a perfect framing for the feature to really 'pop off' the finger. 


Couldn't be more amped to fire this thing up and get the piece produced. 

I said it before, TRUST ME, this thing will be master...



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DESIGN COMP PODCAST ⇀ LINK BELOW • The Top 50 Announced… Give it a geez, let us know your thoughts! Who are you backing for the win!?
We’ll begin the in-depth showcase of the top 50 today (June 16th).
10 per day, for 5 days.

From there, the top 10 will be brewed.

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