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Intro to 'The Nine Bob Bugle'

What is the Bugle? Our first entry, this Friday, will explain the origins of the name, The Nine Bob Bugle. Aside from that, what can you expect in among the ramblings? 

Any creativity that hasn't been carved into a ring, put into a new design or marketing concept, is usually trying to find a vehicle to rear its head. To avoid this coming out in a violent spout of artistic debauchery, I felt the weekly newsletter would keep the ferret from the to speak.  

Somewhere between a blog and a Insta caption, I want The Bugle to be quick 5-10min read, every Friday, to give you a brief digression from the daily grind and some insight on the movements at CHD. 

We'll have entries from those who work in and around the label, even some posts from any of you, but primarily you'll be hearing from me, the owner and founder of CHD. 

I'll run you through the early days of CHD, how I got into jewellery and then launched the brand. From it's conception to where we are today.

I'll flesh out the production process that we use at Crooked Howlet Designs to give you a proper insight on what is going into each piece and equip you with the tools to design, create and finish your own ring.

I’ll give you all the info, as well as current places to purchase everything you need and point you in the right direction of the services we trust and use. Essentially, after this, you’ll be gunning for a shot at the title.

Interviews with our resident monthly designers, such as Neil Preston and our CHD artist, Nick Potts. 

We'll keep you on the pulse with all the new designs we'll be producing and any up coming promotions or events. 

Stay on it.


- Ryan




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