Made With Purpose. Allowed To Age.

Blk Friday 2022 Exclusive Release


What are we doing for Black Friday, well then...
Again this year, we are opening the vault to join the exclusive group for the Black Friday Release.




If you were among the ranks last year, you'll know the score BUT, there's an added tweak this year...

SO we are opening the vault from this Friday through to Monday, for your to join the exclusive group for;

1. An Exclusive Release, Next Week. 

2. The Community Designed, Piece II

To recap; we are going to create another new design for those in this exclusive Facebook group. It will never be sold online, it'll never be posted anywhere, it'll only be made available to you through a private link. 

The unique element to this piece is that the design will be dictated by the community. You'll be involved in the entire process. 

HOWEVER, this year, it's based around a theme.
"Half My Luck"

What we will be doing is; we'll be asking all of you to help design the piece. You'll direct what elements are used in the rings. We'll be posting mock up images of options and you'll vote on you like the best. 

It's going to be our second complete community built design. 

Designed by you, for you.




So we don't actually go on sale during Black Friday or any seasonal events. Here's some context why, BUT also keep reading on as we have something prepared for everyone...


Our products are different than most that go on sale during this period. They do intrinsically hold more importance for many wearers, they are also sold in exclusive batches to retain this significance, as well as being all made in the HQ and production studio here in Sydney. Therefore holding large batches of inventory, just isn't us. We have a small very hard working team of jewellers, that are already staring down the barrel of an intense Chrissy period.


Secondly, for the same reason that we don't do influencer marketing. We have turned down 'influencers' with millions of followers. We'd LOVE them as a customer, however we don't want them to be a part of our community if they can't see the value in what we do and are unwilling to pay for the pieces. Of course, there's nothing wrong with this approach for many brands, however for us, we feel that it truly devalues what is often an extremely important piece to someone. We have too much respect for our current customers to undermine them by handing out free pieces on a whim. I feel this upholds the purpose of our brand, by sticking to our guns during these periods.


We are fully aware that the price of jewellery isn't always achievable, which is totally fine. We'll be here, hopefully bringing enough heat and value that you'll at some point feel the need to jump in the mix. In the meantime, hang about and we'll keep you in the loop on all the latest movements and behind the scenes at CHD.