Made With Purpose. Allowed To Age.


The final stage of the production process is the polishing of the piece on a bench motor or with our hand piece, using polishing compounds, cotton mops or felt mops, small goats hair brushes or any tool to apply compound in hard to reach areas. After the surface treatment of the emery and abrasives has prepared the ring for polishing, we generally go over the piece with our hand piece, polishing with the goats hair brush in intricate areas, as well as the inner band - once this is complete, we move over to the bench motor polishing machine. Starting with tripoli compound on a stiffly stitch mop. This is a heavy cutting compound, known as a pre-polish and will do a lot of the heavy lifting, when it comes to removing the surfaces scratches. The second stage is using a yellow-diamond compound for the mid polish. This will begin the piece’s nice shine and visually will look near to finish. The final will be using a finishing rouge, in our case we use the dialux green - which will bring about the high luster shine.