Made With Purpose. Allowed To Age.

The Timeline

Stage 1 - DAYS 1 TO 3

The initial stage of the CHD process starts when the order is placed and the piece/s are prepared for production. The order is organised for sizing, through wax injection of the design mould and cleaned up for the Lost Wax casting process.

Stage 2 - DAYS 4 TO 9

The piece/s will then be cast into either 925 Sterling Silver, Gold, Brass or Platinum, through the method of Lost Wax Casting - in which the molten of the ordered alloy, will be set into the ring mould. This process is carried out by Palloys Group, Sydney.

Stage 3 - DAYS 10 TO 11

The third stage begins once we receive the cast piece back from Palloys Group. We start by oxidising the ring in Liver of Sulphur, which will darken the ring and to ultimately enhance design elements in the piece. This is seen in the blackened areas within certain parts of the design.

Stage 4 - DAYS 12 TO 13

The foundations of the final look are set in this stage.This part of the process is therefore integral to achieve the ideal finish. We begin with de-spruing and de-burring the piece to of any large rough areas or inconsistencies. We then go over the surface with emery and a series of abrasives to prepare the raw silver for the polish. After the general surface improvement has been made to the ring, we will set the stone or solder the other elements to the ring (if necessary to your design). Your stone will be either set in a bezel (such as in the Cushion ring design) or a hammerset (such as the small 2mm diamond on the Round Signet). The walls of the stone setting will sit on the angled area of the gem, to hold it in place.

Stage 5 - DAYS 14-15

The fifth and final stage, we impart the desired surface finish (either matte, oxidised or high polish). First, a preliminary buff is undertaken with the polishing compounds Tripoli and White Diamond, which begins to bring out the ‘mirrored look’. This is followed by the final polish with blue or green rouge compounds, to complete the high luster finish. Finally, we then run the piece through ultra-sonic and steam cleaners.