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Your Pa's Ring

Your Pa always had 'that' ring, you know. Something that had seen a couple of World Wars, the Great Depression and several bouts with scurvy. Essentially, a few real hit-outs that build significant intrinsic value. The ring may have looked like a bruised mango, but you know it could spin a yarn. 

To be fair, they always had a slick bit of style, nothing too extravagant, very squared and reliable. 


There's a bizarre feeling that these rings have a generational leap, that surpassed ours. So we've felt a responsibility to design a piece, not for you, but for your kid's kid's. Something that will need a conduit for the time being, which will be on your hands. But make no mistake, this is not for you, it's for them. 

The design concept that has been in the works for a while.
My pa always had this little gold ring that I'd see in photos. Not even sure if it was the same one every time, I never saw it in person. It was this little square gold hitter, that I always wanted to recreate, but wasn't sure of how to properly execute on the idea. 
Since then, I have seen a few other rings in photos of old timers. They have this very familiar signet feel to them, which is hard to explain...
A lad in a Cafè recently was channeling this master little pinky ring that in all essence was beaten down and fairly ragged looking. I commented on it and he said it was his grandpas. This agitated the idea that had been knocking about in my dome for years. 
I figured, I need to put together a CHD rendition. Designed around the concept;


Your Pa's.
Or, your kid's.
Or, your kid's kid.
Not Yours.


You'll be a vessel for this ring to sit on in the meantime, but its built for the generations below you.

We've built this thing to last

The only issue I have with that ring your pa had, was how sparse they were with the gold. To be fair, thats the industry as a whole. Clutching at those few extra pennies. At least your pa's generation, coming out of the ass of the great depression, had good reason to not be wrapping too much currency around that pinky finger.

It has a solid negative tapered band, with a V shaped canal. Very smooth flow into the under side of the size, built for comfort. It's strange to think of jewellery as comfortable, but believe me, a squared sharp profile, like your Pa used to wear, feels like game in the Saw movie. 

So meet, Your Pa's ring. It's not for you, it's for them. House it for us in the meantime.  Build some stories into the bastard. You're not just passing on a ring, you're passing on a lifetime. So for the love of god, get out there and build some experiences onto this canvas. 


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