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5 of the Best, JRE Episodes

For your isolation station, let me lay out the 5 Best JRE episodes for you to sink your dentures into. 

I'm taking you off the standard 'top JRE episodes', such as Alex Jones & Elon Musk, you've already had these up in your guts. This list is to hopefully deliver some untapped JRE entertainment. There's a good 15 hours of claret in these episodes, enjoy. 

5. JRE Dan Carlin #1041

For me, this is mainly an intro into the world of Dan Carlin and his own podcast 'Hardcore History'. Whilst we're all staring down the gullet of a tediously long downtime during the quarantine, the only thing potentially more intimating in duration - is Carlins Hardcore History podcast episodes... His Roman Empire series, is about 11 hours. Rip in. 
His JRE episode is a great insight into his childlike froth for his craft. Just listening to him express and characterise any topic, gets your groin tingling. 

4. #91 Bill Burr

Here is a real old school one, you'll need to be an aged Roganeer to know about this little hitter. 
The entire podcast is good fun, but the main reason I'm listing it in the top 5 is for the final 40mins (starting at 2:22:20), where Burr, Rogan and Redban get in the mother-of-all arguments about the Stitcher platform. Redban comes off sounding like a complete twonk, refusing to concede any ground, whilst Burr and Rogan bury him. It's a good giggle. 

3. Guy Ritchie #956

Probably one of the only episodes in this list that I was eagerly awaiting, as he is the writer and director of some of my all time favourite flicks - Snatch, Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels and more recently, The Gentlemen. 

Ritchie is a proper geezer and a sweet-treat to listen to. I've tooled up my linguistical arsenal with some good cockney bubble. He kicks the episode off with, "Let me tell you why I wear a pocket square, Joe...". If the man has a thought out philosophy on pocket squares, you know there's going to be good chirp between the two once they tackle a topic with slightly more substance. 


2. Jack Dorsey, Vijaya Gadde & Tim Pool #1258

This is a very interesting episode with the CEO of Twitter (Dorsey), the global lead for legal policy at Twitter (Gadde) and Tim Pool, an independent journalist and an open critic of Twitter. 

What makes this episode real intriguing, is the backlash from the first Jack Dorsey episode, which was one of the most downvoted JRE interviews. People accused Rogan of not being properly prepared for the discussion and not pushing Dorsey on the important issues people wanted fleshed out. So to both Rogan and Jack's credit, they rescheduled just weeks later and invited on Pool and Gadde, to go at it. 

1. Theo Von #925

Theo has since turbo slung into the podcasting and standup elite, which a lot of people, including Theo himself, put down to his first appearance on JRE. 

I started listening to this podcast on whim, not having any clue who Theo was. That southern accent and just his general tweaked cadence, didn't sound like he was a comic reciting 'bits'. He just came across as a knuckle-dragger who was stumbling upon irrelevant revelations. Following his bizarre thought process down cryptic rabit holes, I started to gauge his humour and it slowly became the funniest episode to date. 

Get on it. 


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