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'The Pinky Piece Release'...




Say it out loud, 'The Pinky Piece Release'...
Feel corny? Good. Now, let us lay this thing out...


There's a strange approach in the jewellery purchasing decision that comes at us one of two ways. Here's how it plays out;


"I love this design, what finger do you think it's best suited for...?"
"Oi, I need a pinky ring... Give me one."


Yes look, it's not to nuanced in this example, no. But let pick this a part further.

The idea is that people either are first attracted to a ring design and then they are looking to decide on a finger. OR, they are motivated by the idea of a 'Pinky Ring' and are happy to be flexible on the design, as long as it is parked up on this particular finger. 

The strange thing being that this does not happen with any other finger (outside of a wedding band of course). No one barks at us needing an 'index finger ring', it just doesn't happen. 


So this phenomenonwhich I'll admit, is the most underwhelming use of the word 'phenomenon'. It's usually nestled into a piece on quantum theory. We're talking about pinky rings... I should take it down a peg, shouldn't I. 

Well regardless, this 'weird thing' has lead us to focus on developing the ultimate pinky piece. It needs to bow to a few characteristics;

  • Overall size needs to be smaller than most designs. 
  • It needs to sit flush to the finger with less of a protruding signet face. Being the outside finger, it can lend itself to damage and just being a bit of a nuisance if it sits too much off the finger.
  • As the pinky has a small distance between the first knuckle, the webbing can sometimes make it a little uncomfortable. So the edge of shank (ring band) needs to be very rounded.
  • Due to being a flank finger, it should have detail all the way around the ring, so the side detail is as much of a feature as the centre piece on the signet top.
  • The Pinky Ring is often the only ring worn on a hand, so we need to juice it up with some inner detail, to sit in the palm of your hand.
  • Look, it should be gold... But I realise the bastard of a price point that gold comes with, so we're also offering it in Sterling Silver. 
  • Given the significance of the coveted 'Pinky Ring', this piece needs to have a story... It needs to have provenance. 
We got you covered... 


Originally slated for October, we've now done the ol' wife swap with September, moved the Design Comp Winner release back and brought this forward, to release;




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