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The 13th... She's Back.

Guess who's back...
The 13th ODE, that's who. 



For all the carnage that 2020 brought, at least she coughed up two 'Friday the 13ths'. This year there is only one '13th' landing on a Friday, which is coming in August. 
So as always, we are doing our One Day Exclusive release. And due to the 'kick in the fanny' of only having one 13th release this year, we are going to launch a ring design, as well as, a pendant...
The design is hot. This isn't just some Vince McMahon hype, I mean it's once again, Jack Ankersen at his finest. Keep your peepers zero'd in on us over the coming weeks whilst we unravel this year's Friday the 13th ODE. 


See you soon...
- Ryan

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