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The Full Pinky Piece Breakdown...

The Pinky Piece Release... It's here. 

What started as a scramble to fit a suitable design for the question; "I need a pinky ring, what you got for me?", turned into the hustle for the perfect pinky ring design. 

That outside prodder needs its metal corset and we've got you all sorted... Well for 500 pieces.

You know WHY & you know how. Let us walk you through the key characteristics of this piece it bows to the pinky as its home. 


1. Overall size needs to be smaller than most designs. We've kept this design size down, with a smaller stone bed sitting at 10x8mm. However, the piece still have a dense nature to it - it's not delicate by any means. Thickness is still around 2.5mm

2. Given the significance of the coveted 'Pinky Ring', this piece needs to have a story... It needs to have solid provenance and story. We need to be able to tool you all up with some good chirp to answer the question - 'whats that ring about..?' And, ooh yeh, we've got you covered. The centre piece of the ring, is an Australia Opal that we've managed to source a batch mined in Lighting Ridge



3. It needs to sit flush to the finger with less of a protruding signet face. Being the outside finger, it can lend itself to damage and just being a bit of a nuisance if it sits too much off the finger. The setting is in an organic low bezel, to sit nice and snug to the digit. 

4. As the pinky has a small distance between the first knuckle, the webbing can sometimes make it a little uncomfortable. So the edge of shank (ring band) needs to be very rounded. So this design has a very unique but thick rounded edge to give an, almost 'soft comfy' feeling. 









 5. Due to being a flank finger, it should have detail all the way around the ring, so the side detail is as much of a feature as the centre piece on the signet top. We've textured the centre of the band with a stipple brush wheel. 








6. The Pinky Ring is often the only ring worn on a hand, so we need to juice it up with some inner detail, to sit in the palm of your hand.

This is one of the components of the ring that we are most excited about and it's hard to describe why. We've added this plate to the underside of the ring band, which showcases the hallmarks. Its a super nice detail that really ties the piece together. 




FIVE REASONS WHY, you'll end a sentence with " yeah, we got the Opal Pinky Piece!"

- It's the October Birthstone... 
- Christmas is strangely close.
- The opal, good god, the opal


- Can I where it on another finger. 
No..... joking of course. Yes, obviously anything long and 'pointy' will be able to house this piece, but we do suggest it firstly for the pinky. Secondly, the right ring finger. Thirdly... your mates pinky ;)


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