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The Annual Design Comp...

A new concept in the works; the CHD Annual Design Comp...
This is what she'll look like;
The competition will simply be the design of a piece jewellery; signet or pendant. People will enter their concept in the way of sketches, illustrations, 3D CAD models etc. Very few limitations and we'll give you a formate to follow closer to the time.
The comp will run once a year, with entries being allowed for two months leading up to the final date - during this time, we'll showcase all the designs online.
I have gone back and forth on how the winner will be drawn - I was thinking a voting system online, however I feel that having it as a CHD picking the winner is probably best. Otherwise, some punter who has drawn a cock and balls on a the back of a ciggie pack, might end up nabbing the win if he gets his solid crew of followers to vote on his design. Not saying the right cock and ball design can't win, but the concept will need to really speak to me.
I am always well impressed by some of the concept sketches and designs that customers come up with when commissioning a custom design. So I proper keen to see what you all brew up for us.
For the winning design; we will probably produce and sell for a limited period - another aspect that still needs ironing out. How the winner is awarded - a prize incentive, design royalty... still need to figure that side out. Either way, we'll do a bio on the winner, have a one-off exclusively engraved designer piece and let them ride the glory of the mediocre high.
I am hoping this is something that runs with CHD for as long as we're still kicking. I really want this to become a staple of our brand, something that rustles up some froth every year.
Stay subversively close and there will be more details to come soon.
- Ryan

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