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The Ring Kamasutra

Over the coming four weeks, we'll be running you through the ring combinations one can run on their mitts, along with their respective names and unwilling lifestyle choices they generally subject themselves too.

From the One Runner through to the Full Quiver - these setups of one, two, three or four rings have a particular sashay intrinsic to the orientation... Or it could just be down to which swollen prodder will fit the ring that day.
Whether its the signs of the Zodiac drifting outside their lane or a few suspect weekend activities rendering certain fingers usable, your chosen ring orientation has landed you within a particular category. Lets take the example of someone channelling double pieces, one of the pointer and one on the middle; this is known as the Oily Rag. Know it, learn it, then we'll take it from there. 

Along with laying these ring combinations out for you, we'll also be suggesting design styles we feel are best suited together. The 'CHD Suites', we'll call it for now. 

Once again, Nick Potts on the artwork and doing it as fine as ever. See below the intro to the Ring Kamasutra... 
After these few weeks, we'll have a foldout newspaper style 'Ring Kamasutra' with all the combinations and their respective names - which we'll be sending out with every order. 
So keep your feet on the mat, stay perversely close and we've got some words for you in coming weeks...


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