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2022 Mike Stout x Howlet




It's a rough one choosing the Annual Monthly Exclusive Residencies and it's getting tougher. 


There's a level of expectation to give the nod to our design aesthetic that got us to the dance, whilst bringing a new flare to collection. 


Each year, it becomes seemingly impossible to 'top' the prior year. It's not even that we are 'topping' the previous monthly exclusives, but we are designing new hype with CHD taste. 


Jack Ankersen was already a favourite among the frothers. He has designed the Friday the 13th pieces for the previous couple of years, so we knew lasts year collection would land, something sweet. 


We're coming in dry this year, with a not only a completely knew artist, a new flavour. But good god, I know it'll be steamy. 

Wrap your lids around, Mike Stout, the 2022 Monthly Exclusive Designer. 
The contrast in the two years from last year to this, makes it even more juicy, in my eyes. From the artist technique, to the core concepts. They couldn't be further apart. 
Jack had a very dark and obscure representation in his artwork. There was a heaviness to how he designed the pieces as well, with bold blackwork. Mike, has a very light and delicate approach with what you could call, a 'playful rendition' in his pieces. Quite minimalist in some, whilst being very psychedelic and detailed in others.   

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