Made With Purpose. Allowed To Age.


Nick Potts, the artistic enigma.


NP is the artist for the ’23 Monthly Exclusive Collaboration, of the 

Howlet Deck Of Cards. This monthly exclusive is to be sold for one month, then never again. As always, define the age and then allow to have legacy. 


We were honoured to work with NP on this exclusive one day release of the 

first Friday the 13th, in January 2023.

Never to be sold again. 



He's been onboard with CHD for about 5 years now. Responsible for the majority of the artwork you'll see online, from the small web icons through to the largest campaign pieces and logo's. My personal favourite of Nick's work, was done on the 'obsolete product designs', for the Crooked Howlet Designs Filters. Taken from the vintage cigarette packet designs, see below... I love the idea of branding CHD across completely irrelevant products, "stay in your lane" couldn't mean less at this point. Heading the way of Crooked Howlet Designs branded mops and buckets...   

As most artists do, you'll cringe with the idea of giving your work a 'genre', feeling your own brain giving yourself the wanker sign whilst you stumble over adjectives trying to sound the least bit corny. But when needing to be somewhat defined, you could get in the right ballpark by describing Nick's work as psychedelic. The pieces that Nick has produced for us remain quite dark and mystical, yet with that 70s Woodstock touch. A quick viewing of Nick will describe his art better than any team of renaissance poets could. He's a walking Crooked Howlet, a better representation of his art and our brand combined.

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