Made With Purpose. Allowed To Age.

The Pencil Collaboration

Welcome again, to the One Day Exclusive. 

Sold for 24 hours only, then never again. 
You'll share these designs with a limited few, from a defined period. 



Unearthing this designer, was an important move for us to shine a light on the subtle and the absurd, prior to the 2021 CHD Design Comp. Years into this jewellery game, we've seen our fair share of wild, intricate and extremely artistic designs. There is a 'snow blindness' that comes with designing on the more 'complex' side of things. 

Sculptural pieces have a massive focal point at CHD, especially with the Jack Ankersen Monthly Exclusives and his last Friday the 13th design. However, this O.D.E is about the appreciation of something stripped back, raw and very 'you'...

As I am sure you've picked up on this by now; we thrive off the exclusivity factor of our designs. From the monthly exclusives, boiled down to this even more intense short window - only one day to get your mitts onto this release. 

The exclusivity of these designs is to build a further intrinsic value into your piece - beyond the surface aesthetic. The idea of your particular ring design being cranked out and sold for years to come, we feel dilutes the significance of that little piece of metal perched on your knuckles. What's the good worth of an heirloom if the company is still selling that design once you hand it on? Or no defined purpose or importance of that period it was sold for?

There's still something to be said about the stories that you build into the ring yourself, however we want this to be shared by the select, dedicated few. We also love the idea of worlds aligning and you bumping into a stray person on a night out that managed to slot into that 24 hour purchase opportunity, somewhere else on the planet and they also share the same heirloom. At least for us, that's something kind of special...



Now, we thought we take some time to go through the specifications of each design.

The Life & Death Of The Already Dead


We've run with a plain band design, so there can be that 'cave man drawings' feel, which slots in perfectly with the stripped back, more basic illustrations.

There is a spectrum of 'life after death' imagery, framed in a barbed wire border. Then centred with the 'Dead Howlet' sketch, which backs Jake's thoughts on Crooked Howet Designs... See here.


The Ouss Ouss

 If you don't know the term 'Ouss Ouss', you've never described a fight to a mate. It's linguistically impossible to describe a stink without the term 'ouss ouss' coming out your gullet.  

The design is of an old school boxer, framed in barbed wire and the traidiotnal signet style banner underneath. One side also sports a pair of vintage mitts.

We've chosen one of the most popular signet shapes from our collection, which is the Square Signet. 


The Worlds First Serpent Cat

It's officially the worlds first. Prove me wrong...

The shape and size is the most notable element to the design. We've opted for a very petite landscape oval. We are often hit with the tentative, 'its just a bit too chunky'. We've heard you and this one is for you.

The design on the face is the four eyed serpent cat, with the shank inscription that denotes the record of 'the worlds first serpent cat'.  


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