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The Howlet Signet (Design Concept)

Every week we want to shine a light on a specific design. Maybe we feel it isn't getting the love it deserves or maybe we feel we haven't sufficiently broken down the design concept... Either way, here's some designer insight on what went into The Howlet Signet.

The Howlet Signet was the first of our 'branded style' rings, featuring the CHD original logo design. As the designer, I have felt that we needed to earn this style of ring. Early on, we were humble jewellery hustlers with no brand recognition and to me it seemed pompous or arrogant to slap your logo onto a ring and expect people to buy into the concept of 'Crooked Howlet Designs'. This could have been completely wrong in all your eyes, however I believe early on that the primary goal needed to be to deliver on the best possible designs without trying to fall back on that non-existent brand image. 

I think we earned this one now... 

Along with the original Owl logo, there is an inscription around the face, "Lizard's Leg & Howlet's Wing'. This is from the Shakespearian play in which the name Howlet (meaning Owl), was derived.  

The piece has undergone some tweaks since it's first launch. The final touch which I believe has brought the design into a new realm, was a thickening up of the gold wreaths. The wreaths weren't pronounced enough in the first version, now, they pop.  

Its hard to call this early on, what will become a 'staple' piece of CHD. But I think this could be it... Enjoy. 


See now; The Howlet Signet


- Ryan.

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