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As CHD Bespoke is a huge part of our brand, we are able to attain some great design insight on what our customer base loves. 

 A common design that is commissioned, are the Family Signets. Whether the intaglio style, which print into wax, as the original purpose of signet rings. Or the 'sunken positive' style, in which the crest and shield are sculpturally visual on the design. This always garner a fair bit of hype, with others asking as to where or how they can purchase the design. 

We have to explain that this is specific to the the customers family and obviously we can't remake this for them. 

If you're like me, you weren't blessed with a really slick family crest and shield design and that's always bugged you... In particular, the Scottish Clan Crests and Belt designs. These things pump. 

Whenever one of these are posted through our social, the flare heats up and some dog-shit fake Scottish accents are cough out, with the hope of being worthy to run one of these designs. 

In the old country, there would surely be a punishment for wearing another family's signet on your paws. It would likely be something tweaked like, '99 lashes over the knuckles, with the frozen tail of an ox'. You know, that's what they're always like.

So let us provide you with an option to bypass that shame and open the heritage gates to the CHD Family, with the CHD Clan Crest & Signet design. 

Our rendition of the Scottish Clan Crests. The family signets from Scottish heritage, would have these amazing coat of arms, with the family crest, motto and there would generally be framed in the distinct 'belt'.

Through all of our Bespoke Designs, we often have the Scottish family signets commissioned, which would always generate a lot of excitement, only to be smothered by the fact the piece was a custom, and not for sale. 

So we then understood, we needed a CHD Family Signet ring. Designed with key elements of the CHD community.

Welcome, the CHD Clan Crest design. With the original "Epoch Two" emblem in the centre, a Wreath to pay homage to the first ever design from CHD, the familiar design element of the rope, then the inscription, The Howlet Epoch - meaning The Howlet Chapter. 




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