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For a Good Time, Not A Long Time...

This might be the snowball... Into a year of Design Comp pieces...


Every year we find ourselves adding a few additional designs to be released.

This year, we've gone down to third place for the Master Of Fate design, to be released as a One Day Exclusive. Sold for 24 Hours Only, then never again...
"A reminder that you ultimately control your own destiny and have the power to shape your life as you will it."
- Rachel Wong (Designer of Master Of Fate)




If you've just arrived, then this concept might be new for you.
If you've been with us for a while and you've started to feel the tempo increasing, then you'll understand how much we love ODE's (One Day Exclusives).
It all started with the Monthly Exclusive periods. The concept still held strong when we condensed these periods down and actually, it intensified every element of the limited release times. 

So we introduced, the One Day Exclusive. In which we'd sell a design, for 24 hours only, then never again. 
The exclusivity of these designs is to build a further intrinsic value into your piece - beyond the surface aesthetic. The idea of your particular ring design being cranked out and sold for years to come, we feel dilutes the significance of that little piece of metal perched on your knuckles. What's the good worth of an heirloom if the company is still selling that design once you hand it on? Or no defined purpose or importance of that period it was sold for? There's still something to be said about the stories that you build into the ring yourself, however we want this to be shared by the select, dedicated few.















It's hard not to get romantic about your own label and believe me when I say that I have enough objectivity to realise that most people don't give a fuck. But I still love the idea that two individuals, that could be worlds apart geographically and living contextually vastly different lives, still were both present within these 24 hours and now share a piece of the CHD community... I think that's pretty cool. 


Exclusivity is a core constraint that we impose on ourselves, but an important one for our customers. At least in 30 days, 12 months or 50 years from now - if you see this ring on another paw, you'll know that this thing poked its head up for 24 hours only and that's the shot the world got...


So, what are you still hanging around for these deep into some ramblings, haven't you heard? You only got 24 hours, get on it!!


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