Made With Purpose. Allowed To Age.

Concept, The Messenger

Whoever headed up the PR of the modern ‘angels’, is a genius. 

The familiar humanised imagery of ‘angelos’ is a stark difference from the dark reality of the scriptural descriptions.

If they were kind, then grifting any warmth or comfort upon those they were looking to help, would have been a hard sell.

Interpretations of angels and their relationship with humans, runs deep through theology. However, I am more interested in the core etymology - origin of the word - and their depiction in artwork. 

The linguistic finish line for us, ‘angel’, is a direct translation from the Latin angelus and the Greek angelos, literally meaning ‘messenger’. 

Why am I focusing on this element?


Some might guess that I don’t want to be fumbling about in precious religious script, accidentally offending billions around the globe. Others may guess that I’m hedging my bets for doomsday by avoiding an over commitment to any ‘correct’ representation of angelos.


Well, both might be right…

But, my focus is here… Angels, have tooled us up with all the components of an epic design.


Feathers and the broader wings, always make for great layered texture. Once any 'stepping' feature in a design is oxidising and the high point polished back, it pops. The eye centralises focus and to me, the highly tumultuous religious field isn’t what I’m looking to cross. I’m going further back, ’the messenger’ has an important role. One that arrives before the scriptural debate flares.


Again, this is where we jump ship and allow the wearer to establish the important identity of The Messenger.
Let me lay down some important analysis here on my own work. Our mission, is always to provide the best possible canvas for your piece to have legacy. We aren’t establishing the intrinsic value, were creating the ability for it to brew, the rest is on you.
That final line rhymed, and good god, I’m leaving it. 
Welcome, The Messenger.



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