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'The Ace Up The Sleeve'

You may have heard us allude to this earlier in the year... The ol' wild card. 

Again, excuse these puns, it is genuinely impossible to avoid. Every expression that I look for to frame an upcoming campaign seems to have a connotation within playing cards. I never knew how engrossed playing cards were in descriptive discourse.


So, seeing as its unavoidable, let me introduce, the 'Ace Up The Sleeve'.
Wild Card Release on February 15th, as a new 'One Day Exclusive Pre-Release'. 


What does that mean? Good god, I'll tell ya'

We've wanted some residue from this year's monthly exclusive collaboration to remain and fly the flag as we go into next year. However, the Monthly Exclusives need to hold true to concept and be sold for that month only. So we figured, let's release the Four Ace's collection next year and in the meantime, to pump hype-tires, we thought a One Day Pre-Release would raise the pulses. 


So, we'll be releasing the Ace of Hearts on February 15th, for ONE DAY, a 24 Hour hit out - but then next year, we'll be releasing the full four aces range. 
We'll of course keep some exclusivity to this year's design and have limited release engravings, numbered pieces 1/.... and authenticity certs.  
This is so you can lord if over the class of 2024, who get on it next year. Know what I mean? Course you do...

So for the love Bluetooth (a viking pirate, that bluetooth was actually named after; cool fact huh) - stay close. This drop is a blatant heater. 

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