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Who Is Nick Potts...?


“Describe yourself in three words…” 

Anyone who even opens their gob to answer that, is a complete ball bag. 

Yet, I usually find myself asking resident designers this exact question - in reference to their style. 

Of course they’re going to look at me sideways. But let me give it a nudge, and slowly unravel who NP is and what is this design style. 

Watch me try and sum his style up in one sentence, then allow me to meander on down the poetic wank trail. 











If space had a 70’s… NP would be its artist.  

What I’m saying is, his style is a cordial of mystical-Woodstock flare, with a star gazing lens. 

The artwork pulses up through his utensils, into his swede tassels. There’s no departure of the artist from the artwork. NP is a walking depiction of his style. The farm dwelling through-back and stupidly talented, Mr Potts. We can’t wait for this year to continue to play out. 



Its extremely rare that working with any creative is a pony ride. I’m speaking from the position of a creative myself… Good god, we’re a fickle cordial of contradictions and lack of organisation. Alterations and re-clarifying briefs are the norm.

However, for this and I don’t why… we just work. This collaboration, and all the collaborations in the past, really just work seamlessly.  

NP will take a concept, as entry level ‘day one’ sort of stuff, and run with it - and extremely rarely does ever need the bumpers to realign the direction. He will absolutely nail the weak brief and turn it into something that far exceeded my vision. 



This concept couldn’t have landed better. I said this last post, but I genuinely believe this deck of playing card is the sickest deck of cards I’ve ever seen. You better have the foresight to see an exclusive release of these decks coming… If you don’t, get to know us!

His flare is well adapted in the CHD flavour. Obviously, there was some skullduggery in the mix - but just the general, the vintage deck of cards already has a mystical code that aligns well with both of our styles. I’m putting this down to; playing cards always being present in nefarious situations. 

Think of any scenario, both in real life or on the big screen, that cards are present… There’s some riff raff present. Or very near by. 

This aspect alone, is what makes this collab pop. 


I’m so pumped to have NP onboard for this year. Again, I don’t know what we were thinking casting a wide net when a long term artist in residency, and good friend, NP was lurking within pens reach. 

So here we are, The Hand You Were Dealt; The 2023 Monthly Exclusive Collaboration.



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