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The Eleventh Finger

Residue left over from the Your Pa's launch, has been festering away and is now it's time to rear its mug. 

The concept was from the same birth, with an added element of reality. 

The reality being, that the genuine heirloom pieces that were handed down through the generations were often unwearable sizes and out of reasonable fear of damaging the piece, they never resized the ring to fit, and hung from chain around the neck.


Something else that further fed the concept-mule...

A customer a few years back had mentioned breaking their finger in a dust up, which had healed like a permanent rolled ankle and therefore he had since relocated the piece to been hung around his gullet (worn on a chain around his neck). 

This began a very long winded brewing period. 

Not because the concept was wildly complex but just because I hadn't really had a strong feeling that this thing would pop and I didn't really know how to position it. 

Not that this has any relevance to you, and I'm sure it won't substantially add to the tale, but the final nudge came a few weeks ago when a good mate validated this idea, by requesting if we'd ever thought of, 'making smaller versions of the ring to be worn as a pendant', as he wasn't much of a ring wearer... That was all I needed to hear.

So, if you needed it, a reason to redirect those finger belts up to the pendant level, then we've framed it up nicely for you... The head has, and always will be, the Eleventh Finger. 



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