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The 'Golden Ticket'...

The output of an idea, after being refined into the actionable tactics and communication channel, can often seem quite superficial. As many times they are. I have often come up with an idea an hour or so before executing. It can be a simple content action that really required not further depth. 
This concept was bread from so much more. It requires a long tail vision for what you want the brand to be. 
The Ring Library is cut from the same cloth. It's value won't be truly recongised for years to come. Which is honestly, our mission with the entire brand and more importantly, product. We understand that once you receive your piece of jewellery, Day One is the most insignificant. We've done our role up until that point, its then over to you. Our job is to then assist with the development of that significance, which comes through being a brand that you are proud to be associated with, by documenting the process and keep the record in our Ring Library. 

This latest concept was an amalgamation of the ethos of 'long term value' that we try to imbue in all our of brand strategy, as well as a thought of having a 'Golden Ticket' style promotion, in which we slip some style of Golden Ticket into random orders, which would instigate a prize of some sort. 
Deciding 'what' to slip into the orders, we came up with idea of having one of the CHD Designers do one of a kind sketches, all numbered and signed. No better than Jake Voroshine to run this one with. His simplistic style of illustrations with a strange profoundness and warmth to them, was ideal.

Once he finished these up and we looked at them, we then realised that, this is the prize. I nearly didn't want to run the promotion as these little pieces of artwork are so sick.  
When we marry this promotion up with the ethos of long term value for our customers, I picture the significance of one of these pieces 10 years from now. Imagine having an original piece of artwork from one of Gucci's designers back in the day... To me, that sounds pretty cool. 
Admittedly, we've got some way to go before the significance of these drawings will hold some real grunt to them. But so do you. You need to get out there and build some stories onto that piece of jewellery. So get to work, and so will we. 



This year, every week, we're going to drop one of these sketches into an order that ships out. 

If you get one, frame it. Hold onto the bastard nice and tight. I wanted it, but I've committed to this campaign, so you'll need to hang onto it for the time being. 


Let's call it, the 'NFT Reversion'.

I'm not against the new hype around NFTs, not in the slightest. But as its latched it's wagon to art recently, it's giving me a some a touch of nostalgia, in which I felt the need to showcase a bit of that tactical feel. The old-hand style of pen and paper, so we can one day say 'remember that'.

- Ryan


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