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Letter from the owner...

Woke up at 3:30am, alarm wasn't due for another hour, but instead of hustling for a few more minor winks, I just headed into work. 

There's been a lot of smack on my mind with work in the past few weeks that has nearly driven me mad, so instead of sitting in am all-white room pulling the legs of spiders, I figured it would be best to give you all a bit of context in a "Letter from the owner". So here it is...


Firstly, I want to give my most genuine love out there to all our customers that have been unbelievably understanding of longer wait times on production and delay in communication on customer service.  

The main message of all this letter is to let you know that by no means imaginable are these issues not been addressed with the hardest grind and attention to get everything sorted ASAP. I am so aware of the issues we face and the weight of this is taking a solid toll on me, but that is irrelevant, because until you all get exactly what we promise and you as customers deserve - without trying to sound like a Reserve Grade Tony Robbins - I won't stop the brutal slog until we iron out all these issues. 

It really breaks my heart that after the long hard fought hours that I have put into building CHD, that we may be doing lasting damage by not delivering on some fundamental aspects of production times and quick replies on customer service. So those elements have my complete focus over the following weeks and months. Know that!

I've currently got the lower back of 65 year old carpet layer, from carrying the preverbal weight of these current issues. The thought that any of you assume apathy or lack of attention makes me ill, so please know how much it means to me and the team to make sure these problems are dealt with it as quick as humanly possible. 


So what has been happening?

We've been flogged by a unique combination of a mega flow of orders, (shout out to the brilliance of Conor Jon Taylor's Prosperity Design), an understaffed in studio and casting house - due to COVID limitations and just growing pains from all you legends getting onboard the CHD journey.

Jewellers are a rare breed and we are not willing to concede any ground on quality, so finding the right jewellers to join the team has been a tall task. We are sniffing about all the right areas and we should have a couple more jewellers joining the team soon to help bail us out of this beautiful problem.

Gemstones and supplies have been choked up and to add insult to injury, our packaging is now stuck at the ports in Sydney, forcing us to send out a few orders in old packaging, which I hate doing - as we put such an emphasis on this area of our business. If you don't know about our packaging concept, have a watch here;


 There has been the odd customer that has wanted to bury their {naked} knuckles into my teeth due to the delay, but for the most part, you've all been such utter legends and I can thank you enough. 

So for now, I'm going to beer bong another 14 coffees and keep getting after it. Stay safe and I'll be here.

- Ryan

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