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Friday the 13th, Round Two...

After the rip roarer of a Friday the 13th in March, 2020, we've linked up with the master, @JackAnkersen once again to collaboration on the One Day Only Release for November's Friday the 13th.
2020 for the most part, has been a heaving mess.
Who would have thought that the 'year of the rat', would be such a gutter running, rodent of a year... I expected more from the tip dweller.
But if I'm plucking two good hitters from the year, it's these One Day Releases - let them feed your future optimism with a stark reminder of the complete doggery that was 2020.
As always, this is the setup:
We launch the design 9:00am on Friday the 13th and we go through till 9am the following day. This is Australian Eastern Standard time. 
It's a 24hr hit-out and the design will never sold again after this day.

As I am sure you've picked up on this by now; we thrive off the exclusivity factor of our designs. From the monthly exclusives, boiled down to this even more intense short window - only one day to get your mitts onto this release. 

The exclusivity of these designs is to build a further intrinsic value into your piece - beyond the surface aesthetic. The idea of your particular ring design being cranked out and sold for years to come, we feel dilutes the significance of that little piece of metal perched on your knuckles. What's the good worth of an heirloom if the company is still selling that design once you hand it on? Or no defined purpose or importance of that period it was sold for? There's still something to be said about the stories that you build into the ring yourself, however we want this to be shared by the select, dedicated few. We also love the idea of worlds aligning and you bumping into a stray person on a night out that managed to slot into that 24 hour purchase opportunity, somewhere else on the planet and they also share the same heirloom. At least for us, that's something kind of special...

That is all well and good BUT, the design itself needs to be master... and good god, it is. We essentially can't miss when working with Jack Ankersen. The bloke is a genius.

Let us leave you here, see the original artwork done by Jack that we used for the design. 

If you'd like us to keep you posted on the release of the design, just click through the button below.

Stay aggressively close...
- Ryan

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