Made With Purpose. Allowed To Age.

The Collector



Releasing August 1st, ONE DAY EXCLUSIVE. 
Sold For 24 Hours Only, Then Never Again.


The Runner Up, of the 2022 CHD Design Comp. The Collector, by Ellie Zuker.

We are into the second and third iteration of the product development stage. 

Some designs in the past, we have needed to be quite experimental with the best way to approach the concept. We'll often change some core elements that we know that may have tickled your groin in the artwork, however they would have struggled to pop in the actual physical piece. 
A solid contrast of detail sculptural aspects with a clean signet design, is the playbook. So clearly, The Collector didn't need much of a fanning. The design was always going to flare. 
We have tightened up a few aspects from the original drafts, such as areas that our head jeweller pointed out that could be a bastard to produce. We've opted to sink the skulls in further, both to protect the skulls form wear and tear, which because they are so fine, it may turn them into mush if they consistently cop a beating. Also, just that added depth keeps is always such a powerful hit. 
August 1st, Keep Yourself's Annoyingly Close. 



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