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The Collector, 2022 Design Comp RUNNER UP

"No more skulls..." *In walks The Collector.


There seems to always be an utterance of 'no more skulls' during the countdown. However, there is an undeniable attachment to the skull motif, that comes in droves. We have no personal or brand identity that we feel the need to push designs through that have a skull element within the piece, it is purely due to the massive support base that these designs attract.

If you think about it a little further... The simple fact that skull based designs are plentiful, requires the specific design approach to that much more thoughtful and impactful. It's the nature of not having a unique aspect to carry the design that demands a further creative flare. The Collector has nailed this.

What it also brings to the table, is a level of accessibility to those who may want to give a subtle nod to the skullduggery, without wearing an overly bold 'Skull Ring'.

Coffin shaped signet, with a catacombs inspired sunken positive skull orientation.

A more petite design, perfectly suited for pinky piece OR just those who lean towards slimmer pieces. 




Ellie Zuker














  1. What do you currently do for a living/study?

    I am a full time Freelance Makeup Artist in Fashion, Tv, Film, Events and everything in between based in Melbourne.

  2. Outside of COVID times, what else do you get up to...?

    I won’t lie, my life is 90% makeup, and the other 10% is being a mother to my Greyhound napping. Oh and watch Ru Pauls Drag Race religiously.

  3. What was your favourite design (aside from your own, obviously) and who did you think would win?

    My favourite was definitely Snake in the Grass, I loved its simplicity and thought the art deco style felt like a nod to signets of the 1920’s. I found the motif to be quite beautiful and classic, I loved that it was different from the norm. As your “non stereotypical” signet wearer, that was the one I could see myself wearing the most.

  4. Let us know another brand that you follow on IG that our followers should check out...

    I am colour obsessed, and have always felt a strong connection to butterflies, their beauty is incredible. A brand that I love is Babe Butterflies, the most insane butterfly domes I have ever seen; they are truly magical and just fucking cool.

  1. Tell us why you decided to enter the Crooked Howlet Design Competition, and how you found out about it?

    I won’t lie to you, I am the girlfriend of Half Life’s - Dion De Kruiff, the people’s choice winner from last year’s design comp, oh and I am good mates with Justin and Conor, the previous two winners. I wanted to get in on the action and put my foot in the ring. After seeing the competition from the sidelines the last two years, I learnt how fucking cool your company is. From your companies branding, the ethos and how funny you (Ryan) and your mate from the pod are, it just made me want to participate and be a part of the experience. It was also nice to be designing/drawing again as opposed to painting faces.

  2. Talk to us about your design background, are you self-taught or gone to art school, etc?

    My whole life I have been an artist, as corny as it is, it is all I have ever known; I am a very creative person.  I have been drawing since kindergarten and as I got older, it went from paper to canvas, from canvas to computer and now from computer to faces.In my last year of school I completed three folio subjects:  Studio Arts, Visual Communication and Design, and Interactive Digital Media. I always knew I want to be a makeup artist, but just to be safe I went to university and got a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Design (fancy word for graphic design).After completing my bachelor’s degree I decided to turn my hobby into a career and put all my energy into becoming a makeup artist, I haven’t looked back since. Because of my extensive art background it was an easy transition, I am fully self-taught and it is truly where I feel most creative and expressive.

  3. What inspired your design? Talk us through the concept and the process from start to finish.

    I have always had a weird affinity with skulls; I find them beautiful but also terrifying at the same time. A lot of my artwork and even makeup works from my younger years are around the theme of skulls. In regards to the concept, I don’t know what to tell you, it was just in my brain, an idea that self-seeded itself. Once I have an idea, I do not like to look it up as I don’t want to be clouded by other designs. I won’t lie, when you were talking about catacombs, I was like “wtf are they?”. I had this image in my head of skulls in a coffin shaped signet; I thought the shape would be unique. So I went downstairs to get the Human Skull from my dad’s office (yes I do mean a real human skull and yes I can explain this in further detail upon questioning :’D) and started sketching. After getting different variations of the skull I scanned them and arranged them in the signet shape in Photoshop, added some shading and some highlights and voilla, the collector was born.

  4. What does it mean to you to win this competition?

    It means a lot to know that other people liked and resonated with my design and to know that I still have it when it comes to drawing and creating. Seeing your concept come to a fully fledge design is very rewarding. It is also nice to say that I am the first female to win, paving the way for the future of female designers/ signet wearers.

  5. What is next for you?

    To keep pushing myself creatively through makeup and for my style to become recognisable. I wish to achieve the goals I have set for myself within the industry. 

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