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The Tribal Nature Of This Year's Collection

Take something with a familiar flavour, infused with nostalgia... and you've got a conceptual hit. 

This is what begun a long winded brewing of the playing cards campaign. Our rendition on the vintage deck of cards, in collaboration with no other than resident artist, Nick Potts. 

Again, you need to understand that this isn't a Vince McMahon flare up. It's hard to thesaurus so many descriptive approaches to expressing my love for a collection - so, I'll keep it to the raw basics of the Queens English. It's fucking sick. 


I knew the concept had legs, due to what I explained in the opening line. However, how Nick Potts, was able to so perfectly absorb what we were conceptualising and the for it to translate into these cards, is outer insanity. 

Not only would the concept of the 12 Piece Monthly Exclusive Collaboration be unreal with a standard deck of cards, we've just so happened to create probably one of the best decks of playing cards that I've ever seen. 

- They have beautifully aged colour co-ordination. 

- They retain their familiarity to the traditional face cards.

- A perfect bow to the Howlet brand codes that allow us that sculptural flare to build into a powerful signet ring. 



A new face card (King, Queen or Jack), every month, from each suit. Spades, Hearts, Clubs and Diamonds. 12 pieces total. As always, sold that month only, then never again...  

There are a few key components to the execution of the designs in the collection, that sealed the deal on this year's Monthly Exclusives being something special.

1. Size Optimised 

A very bold and detailed design, however the piece itself is a tight accessible size. Not too obtrusive or over powering. 

Yet, for those bigger finger sizes, the piece is scaled up to suit. 

2. Side Detail

That familiar detail from the back of playing cards, we've build into the side of the rings. 

3. The Collective / Tribal Aspect

Let me fumble around and try to unravel this point slowly...

When allocating the cards for each month, I found myself tentatively rooting for a 'good one' on my birth month, August. 

However, to be honest, it didn't need to be 'good one'... I was going to adopt that design as my own, regardless of my aesthetic attraction - because, its the hand I was dealt. 

(If you've seen a more pure and perfect use of a pun, I'd like to know it). 

So with a sequential element to this collection, it breeds a tribal feeling of attraction to your monthly design. Whether the certain face card and suit, which has a specific relevance to you, or it is a birth month... it's a design worth backing, for intrinsic purpose. 

And finally, the significance of the sequence of cards - creates a motivation for mulitple pieces in the collection. 'Four Kings', a straight or a flush... Good god, think of the possibilities. 



So get tribal, know your month or line up the 'hand you were dealt'... And we'll see you soon. 

JANUARY - We kick things off with the King of Spades ♠️

FEBRUARY - Queen of Spades ♠️ (as well as additional featured design)

MARCH - Jack of Spades ♠️

APRIL - King of Hearts ♥️

MAY - Queen of Hearts ♥️ (as well as additional featured design)

JUNE - Jack of Hearts ♥️

JULY - King of Clubs ♣️

AUGUST Queen of Clubs ♣️ (as well as additional featured design)

SEPTEMBER - Jack of Clubs ♣️

OCTOBER - King of Diamonds ♦️

NOVEMBER Queen of Diamonds ♦️ (as well as additional featured design)

DECEMBER - Jack of Diamonds ♦️


Do you know what I've just realised, this collection is ripe with puns... Puns that actually just work. Because, we've got a few 'wild cards' in amongst the 2023 collection. You'll see this in Feb, May, August and November...


- CHD Team.


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