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What Next...?


I am not sure if, 'the calm before storm' really does describe this limbo we are currently suspended in - the period shortly after the comp that seemingly finishes abruptly. It is probably the 'unknown' element - or the fact that NOW is really when the comp starts... 


What happened this year...?

If you have been following along even remotely close, you'd be aware of the fire that was flung at us for the Second Annual CHD Design Comp. Honestly, the designs this year were absolutely insane. An unbelievable standard was set last year, for the first Design Comp, and this year just sucked the protein out of 2020 with ease. 

We are all so blown away at the amazing quality of all the designs this year. Genuinely insane, how hot this thing was. The amount of messages that we have received saying, "When are you bringing this one out... I would definitely buy!!" and we need to sheepishly explain that 'yeah na sorry actually, this is just a submission in our design comp...'.

Entries this year at; 612

I honestly feel that 90% of these are worthy top 50'ers. Easily. 


What made this year special...?

Don't get me wrong, the 2020 Comp was absolutely incredible. However, I would say that due to 'isolation infused boredom', during the height of global COVID lockdowns, meant any ol' punter was throwing carbon at paper and entering a design. But... it slightly lacked the depth. 

SECONDLY, the opening year started with a lot of unknowns. The quality of entrant, 'what do I need to do to get my ring design across the line' kind of questions... Once the doors opened and people understood that this was no mugs game, there was a bit of riff raff trimmed from around the edges and every designer knew the quality that was required to dethrone the champ, Conor.

That is why, this comp has become intimidatingly competitive. 


So let me give you a breakdown of the coming weeks ahead and what we have lined up for you.

We actually have some other content lined up that is related to the Design Comp, but will also go into a look behind the brand.


 NOW up until the 12th of June;

We'll be simmering the designs down to the TOP 100. 

13th of June (Sunday);

The TOP 100 is announced.

14th till the 18th;

We showcase the Top 100, 20 per day from Monday till Friday. 

With the feedback from you all during this week, we will make the call on the 10 Finalists.

24th of June (Thursday Night);

We announce the Top 10!

28th till the 2nd of July;

We showcase the Top 10 Finalists. 

15th of July (Thursday Night);

We announce the 2021 Design Comp Winner


SEPTEMBER we will release the winning design, for one month only...



Well then... 

During this period, we are going to use this opportunity to give you all a look behind the brand. 

We will be announcing the Top 100 and Top 10 via a video podcast, in which we will chat a bit about the competition, about the brand and how this all came to be... 

We have wanted to do a bit more behind the brand content for a while now, and felt this was a great way to showcase both the Design Comp and how Crooked Howlet Designs first started.  

So prior to this, let me know of any areas of the business that you'd like us to go into. 


- Ryan


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