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One Day Exclusive Release!

April 29th

 Want us to notify you of the release this Thursday? See below;

The One Day Exclusives (ODE) have become the one true staple of CHD. 

Summed up best by a foaming customer;
"Just wake me up when there's the next One Day Exclusive drop..."

Last year's Friday the 13ths landed in both March and November, giving us a good spread across the year of two ODE's. However, with only one in August this year, we wanted to bring you all another release that would get the groin tingling. 

We've had the idea to work with 'this designer' for some time now, however, the obscurity of him and his artwork, meant we needed a good angle, a good approach and a proper reason to unveil this enigma.


You'd be a fool to describe his work at 'basic'... but you'd also be kind of right. You wouldn't expect it to be on oil and canvas behind a velvet rope... but if it was, you'd stop and ponder. You'd cuss it out with the standard 'oi yeah na I could do that...', but you'd also stare it at for those few seconds longer. 

If I was a wanker, I'd continue to describe his artwork with soulful simplicity... 


What does this have to do with the Design Comp?

The floaty ones amongst you will recognise the connotation here, for everyone else, here is the premise;

Leading into this design comp, we really wanted everyone to appreciate the fact that it is not all about the artistic value of the design. It's about the concept and how simple lines with purpose, can make for some of the best jewellery. 

The designs for this ODE release are completely stripped back to their bare bones and given a truly lighter touch. It's not the visual element, but it'll make you feel something, (without sounding like too much of a cornball). 

The 2021 Annual Design Comp.


Unlike previous collaborations that we've done, this one had to have supporting material. Jack Ankersen's designs really spoke for themselves and required no further validation or context. This one does. Not because it 'needs' it, but because we wouldn't be doing the artwork justice by not unearthing this designer for you all to see. 

So we recently caught up with the artist to interview for this collaboration. It's an odd one... But hey, that's what the One Day Exclusive is all about. 



We'll be announcing the One Day Exclusive artist on April 27th and the release with be April 29th


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