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Introducing, The 2023 Monthly Exclusive Collaboration...


This year's Monthly Exclusive collaboration has a unique tweak that genuinely has me the most excited for a years collection. 


Every year, when we unravel the resident artist for the Monthly Exclusives, there is an obvious expectation for the designs to be of such an incredible standard, that it will be hard to miss. One thumb-flick through their Instagram and you've got a good understanding of the flare that will be coming over that year's months. 
However, this year, we've coupled the mastery of Nick Potts with a proper amazing campaign concept that we've had simmering away for a while. 



So let us introduce the 2023 Monthly Exclusive artist; Nick Potts. IF you can effectively describe his style, then I'm sure he'd love to know! Because, good god, we've tried and never done it justice. 
We've been working with Nick Potts over the years and it made so much sense to link up for the 2023 Monthly Exclusives and to build out the concept that we have for this year, which is....



THIS YEAR, in collaboration with Nick Potts, the Monthly Exclusives are designed with our rendition of a deck of cards. We'll go through each suit and a new face card every month. 


So it will be the King, Queen & Jack - in Spades, Hearts, Diamonds and Clubs. 12 Cards all up. The perfect collection.


This will be the breakdown;

JANUARY - We kick things off with the King of Spades ♠️

FEBRUARY - Queen of Spades ♠️ (as well as additional featured design)

MARCH - Jack of Spades ♠️

APRIL - King of Hearts ♥️

MAY - Queen of Hearts ♥️ (as well as additional featured design)

JUNE - Jack of Hearts ♥️

JULY - King of Clubs ♣️

AUGUSTQueen of Clubs ♣️ (as well as additional featured design)

SEPTEMBER - Jack of Clubs ♣️

OCTOBER - King of Diamonds ♦️

NOVEMBERQueen of Diamonds ♦️ (as well as additional featured design)

DECEMBER - Jack of Diamonds ♦️


The cards are all legitimately the best playing cards I have ever seen, so there's a good chance that we create a full deck as well, potentially do a small run of these. 

But either way, the designs translate so well into the ring design and I couldn't be more excited to release these things. Believe me, if you find appeal in Howlet in the slightest, this collection will blow you away. 

I feel a bizarre tribal feeling for my birth month, August. Almost a sporting team support for the design that will come out for that month. 

and can't wait for it to role around to get onto that design. The Queen of Clubs, is going to front and centre of my ring collection from here on out. 

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