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A Big Few Weeks Ahead...

MAY 1st, It's On Again For Young & Old

"Holy shit, is that design comp back on already again!?"
- Everyone.

And geez, they're not wrong. This thing came back around like the clappers. 



With only two weeks to go, I figured that now is a good time to intro what we have lined up for the opening of Second Annual CHD Design Comp. 

Let's hold back on the buttery poetry and just hit this thing with a blatant dot pointed list, then for those of you that want to skip the rigmarole to follow, you at least know what is in stall for the launch.

  • April 27th, we announce an artist who we are going to be doing a One Day Exclusive with. This campaign is going to set the theme for the entire competition. Keep your peepers this way. 

  • April 29th, 9am TILL 9am on April 30th, we drop a ONE DAY EXCLUSIVE with this artist. The last day of April to launch the 2021 Annual Design Comp, we have a three piece collection that will drop for 24 hours only. This is not the one you want to miss.

  • May 1st, the gates open. Entries for the 2021 Design Comp will start to be taken.
Those cliff notes will get you in the clubhouse. Now, for those who want to know more...

What is, the Design Comp?

(Last years winning design, by Conor Jon Taylor)

The Competition Launched in 2020 and it was an absolute rip roarer.
The concept had legs, but what you all delivered far outweighed what we were expecting. Any designs from the top 10, would have been right at home in the CHD ranks. it?



It is a jewellery design competition - in which entrants will design a Sterling Silver Ring. 
Anything from standard signet styles with designed engravings, logos or emblems, stone rings, right through to sculptural pieces.
It was originally slated for later this year, but we felt there was no better time than now to dust off the Faber Castells, peel back the surgical glove and starting designing your RING! you enter?

The Design Concept will be entered with images, sketches and/or explanations of the thought behind the piece. 

If you can't draw - no worries at all, just compile a bunch of images that portray the concept. 
See Cooper's above, for an example of a great custom design break down.
It should include:

  • A design name
  • The ring shape/style
  • Any and all designs and engravings - including side details
  • Your own personal hallmark - which can be a small symbol, signature or emblem to represent you as a designer.
Then give us a break down of the piece in a PDF or scribbled on the back of a ciggie packet. It's the concept that counts. It's not an art competition...
You'll then enter your submission through a form online (we'll keep you posted on this). 

  1. We love hidden detail & meaning. Don't neglect the inner band engravings. 
  2. If you are using text, make sure to include fonts.
  3. Use example of our rings to show the design shape/style.

...would you bother?

Besides stretching out the creative banjo-string and the numbing few weeks you'll have in self-isolation... The winner will have their piece produced and listed online for an exclusive short run, (in which you will take design royalty on). A runner-up design will also be chosen and produced for the second place designer. 

(Conor's royalties from his winning design that was sold exclusively for one month) it?

Entries will open May 1st and close on the 31st

The winners will be drawn by the team at CHD. Throughout the competition term, we will be posting images of the designs to gauge appeal, which will influence the final decision. We did originally want to do a voting system, however we didn't want this to be overrun by some stray sweetheart with 100k followers voting in their pig meat design. 




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