Made With Purpose. Allowed To Age.

We are jewellers.

With a core earthed in legacy and in intrinsic value that is brewed through the accumulation of experiences, the jewellery must be given a defined age and purpose. Whether sold for a 24 hour period, monthly exclusive or within a limited number of pieces. We want there to always been an acknowledgement that in one point of time the singular focus of one of our jewellers, was your piece of jewellery.


"To provide the best blank canvas for experiences to be built on; by giving our jewellery purpose and the ability to have legacy."

The manner in which we are able to deliver lasting legacy for your jewellery, is through the creation of the 'Howlet Ring Library'. Which is the leather binded ring archive that sits in the Sydney, HQ - which is a record of every piece we have ever produced, who for and to what city it was then shipped off to.

Howlet has become most notably associated with our limited-time releases. From monthly, down to the 'One Day Exclusives', in which we sell a design for 24 hours only. Then never again.

Our vision remains to become the 'largest, small jewellery brand' in the world. Now, how does this paradox play out? Well, in order to continue to infuse the sense of legacy and purpose in our jewellery - we must retain small bespoke studio characteristics, at scale.

The nuts & Bolts

We are of firm belief that no other company matches up to us on the quality side of production and the final finishing touches. Design is subjective and open for interpretation. However, the details in which we obsess over, is undeniable.

The Annual Howlet Design Comp is also a key staple of Howlet. In which thousands of entrants submit designs in the chance to win a place to be sold within the ranks of Howlet.